Inspiration from Past & Present

February 21, 2013

Sincere Advisor Doesn’t Hate

A sincere advisor does not have enmity towards you if you do not accept his advice.

—Ibn al-Qayyim [d. 751H/1350CE]

(Ar-Rooh, Page 233)

February 21, 2013

Marriage is Always on the Mind

The humans can not refrain from talking about marriage.


(Ahkam-ul-Qur’an 1/261)

January 13, 2013

Time in the Life of a Believer

Regret for wasted time should be deep, for time passes quickly and it is difficult to make up what you have missed.

Time for the worshiper is a time for worship and reciting awraad, and for the devoted Muslim it is time for turning to Allah and focusing on Him with all his heart.

Time is the dearest thing to him and he would feel very sad if time passes without him doing what he is meant to do. If he misses time, he can never make it up, because a second time has its own duties. So if he misses time, there is no way he can bring it back.

—Ibn al-Qayyim [d. 751H/1350CE]

(Madaarij al-Saalikeen 3/49)

January 13, 2013

Heedless of the Grave

I am amazed by the eye which sleeps while it knows the length of the sleep within the darkness of the graves.

—Mu’adhah bint ‘Abdillah Al-Basriyyah

(Read on pg 102, Shaykh Mashhur Hasan al Salman, The Noble Women Scholars of Hadith. Jamiah Media. 2010.)