The Zakah Due on Hadith

The Zakah Due on Hadith: Applying It
July 23, 2012
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July 29, 2012
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The Zakah Due on Hadith

يا أصحاب الحديث، أدُّوا زكاة الحديث
قيل : وكيف نؤدِّي زكاة الحديث ؟
قال : اعملوا من كل مئتي حديث سمعتموها بخمسة أحاديث .

Bishr al-Ḥāfī [d. 227/841] said:

O people of ḥadīth, pay the zakāh that is due on ḥadīth!

It was said, how do we pay the zākah on ḥadīth? He said: Out of every 200 ḥadīth that you hear, practice at least 5 of them.

Bishr al-Ḥāfī [d. 227/841], as related by al-Khalīl al-Qazwīnī in al-Irshād fī Maʿrifat ʿUlamā’ al-ḥadīth



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