Radiance of Bliss

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April 30, 2010
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May 14, 2010
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Radiance of Bliss

Allah knows, I have never seen anyone who had a better life than his. Despite the difficulties and all that expunges comfort and luxury, nay, things completely opposite to them; despite imprisonment, intimidation, and oppression, ibn Taymiyyah had a purer life than anyone could. He was the most generous, the strongest of heart  and the most joyful of souls, with the radiance of bliss in his face. When we were seized with fear and our thoughts turned negative, and the earth grew narrow for us, we would go to him. No sooner did we look at him and hear his words, all these feelings would leave us to be replaced by relief, strength, certainty, and tranquility.

—Ibn al-Qayyim [d. 751AH] describing Ibn Taymiyyah [d. 728AH]

(Al-Wabil as-Sayyib, p.68)

(Read on pg xv, Ibn Taymiyyah, The Relief From Distress: An explanation to the du’a of Yunus. Daar us-Sunnah Publishers. UK: 2006.)

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